What is USDA?

The USDA program is an absolutely free way for agencies to provide healthy, nutritious products to needy families.

Where does the food come from?

The USDA buys the food, including processing and packaging, and ships it to individual States. The States, in turn, distribute the food to food banks. After we get the food, we then provide it to the agencies to distribute at the local level. The amount received by each State depends on the State’s low-income and unemployed population.

Who can receive the food?

This program specifically targets low-income families and individuals with eligibility requirements which ensure that their income is below the poverty level. Recipients can only receive USDA once per month.

What kind of food will I receive?

Your agency will receive canned products, produce, frozen meats, juices, and dry goods. Some of the items you may receive include:

Frozen pork patties, frozen blueberries, breaded catfish, canned fruits, dried fruits, beef stew, rice, cereal, tomato soup, canned corn, canned salmon, instant potatoes, turkey breast, and apple sauce

What do I need to join?

The only requirements to become a part of the USDA program are
1) Having sanitary, secure storage for food
2) Having the transportation to pick up your USDA food at the Foodbank
3) Maintaining monthly inventory reports listing the amounts of food received and given out
4) Having recipients sign a declaration of income form each month.

No membership or application fees are required in order to join.

Who can I contact for more information?

If your agency is interested in getting involved with the USDA program, please contact Aaron Harley at 757-596-7188 ext 25 or go online at